My name is Cristal Camden, some of you may know me from Playboy or “The Girls Next Door” but if you don’t let me introduce myself…
I am a former Playboy Playmate I Shot a Cyber Girl Pictorial, Which aired on “The Girls Next Door” May of 2007 and it was exhilarating! I also dated Hugh Hefner for a year and lived at the Playboy Mansion for over a decade!! I will be sharing stories and experiences, if you have any questions just ask! I’m an open book!

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I want to invite you to join me on the journey from Playmate to Adult Supermodel. I am embarking on this journey and would love your support! I consider myself an Interactive Adult Supermodel and am here to offer a multitude of adult content ranging from autographed photos to personalized videos, movies, photos, text sessions and my specialty up close and personal virtual sessions!!
I am looking forward to getting to know you share about myself with you answer questions and overall have a great time with you! I am also honored to be sharing this journey into the adult world with you! I have finally found my passion and calling let’s get to know each other!

So I consider having lived at the Playboy Mansion like having a second chance at a childhood. I’m originally from South San Jose California (yes the official birthplace of th .com world) but it wasn’t always so nice and things at home growing up weren’t always so good or easy. 
I moved to Los Angeles (Hollywood) when I was 19 years old, I had always dreamed of being a model, just like Kristie Turlington when I was a little girl. 
I did some modeling and knew I loved the biz but it wasn’t until I met Hef things really changed for me. I met him at a nightclub on Sunset Blvd when I was 21 years old. He invited me over and the rest was history, I moved into Playboy Mansion West. We dated for a year. During that year I found him to be kind, giving, compassionate and loving. While we dated we traveled the country for the 50th anniversary of Playboy, we even opened the Playboy Club at the Palms Casino in Las Vegas. It was so much fun and unlike anything I could ever imagine. I sat in the cockpit at dawn as we landed in New York for the NYC 50th Anniversary celebration. 
After a year of dating Hef and I remained friends and I moved from the Mansion to another mansion we called either the “playmate house” or “bunny house”. It was this time when the Playboy Mansion really started to become home, I felt so safe and cared for. We had security watching our home. We had meals and family time daily at the Mansion. Every Tuesday myself and his girlfriends later his wife would play dominoes over dinner. We had movie night with a group of up to 100 family friends every other night besides Monday, that was “manly night” where Hef and his dude friends would play Gin. Hef even paid for me to go to a treatment center when I struggled with bulimia

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Myself and the other girls used to rule the place. We ran around there doing whatever we wanted and Hef was ok with it as long as it was safe and legal and fun of course. We would do things like sneak in the kitchen and grab chips and salsa, midnight dip in the pool, have a dance party in the dining room in the middle of the night, silly stuff. It really felt like I could be a kid again, but in a safe environment. His social secretary Mary was always watching out for us Playmates, she even became like a mother figure to me. 
Playboy also brought about a lot of opportunities for me for modeling, acting and hosting. I’ve attained my SAG status through a number of films, one being “Handcock” with Will Smith. I’ve done numerous campaigns, been on runways worldwide and was featured on the TV show “The Girls Next Door”. It was fun being in the limelight a little. 
Hef and I went through a lot together throughout the years. I was there as his friend. In the end I saw him on Tuesday (as I would see him every Tuesday for dominoes) before he passed. I’m grateful to have known him and that I got to say goodbye and give him one last hug and kiss.
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